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Hunting Buddies 0

SYNOPSIS Life-long friends Layne, Riley, Dom and Jake return to their home town in Minnesota for their annual hunting trip…but this year is different. Animosity is running high and each one of them is wrestling with their own demons – the once inseparable group is tearing apart at the seams.When one of them mysteriously disappears [...]


Green Guys 0

SYNOPSIS Four young Wall-Street hot shots create a Ponzi scheme to steal hundreds of millions from enthusiastic investors. They’re living the high life and believe the party will never end – until they make the first wrong move and try to steal from the most vicious drug lord in Mexico. He wants his money back [...]


Forbidden Fruit 0

SYNOPSIS Forbidden Fruit is a tale about an apple farmer named Adam, whose apple orchard happens to share the same irrigation ditch as the local factory…a factory that makes the sexual enhancement drug ‘VIGORA’! When an inquisitive new worker at the factory samples the pills and gets caught with his pants down, he accidentally ‘pokes’ [...]


Earth Songs 0

SYNOPSIS Filmed over two years in some of the most pristine and beautiful places on the planet, Earth Songs is inspired by the celebrated National Geographic and BBC documentaries of recent years. Greenland, Patagonia, Hawaii, Iceland, Peru, Alaska, The Caribbean, New Zealand, and the Canadian Rockies play host to rare animals and breathtaking scenery. Featuring an enchanting [...]



SYNOPSIS ‘DOODLE BABY VOL.1′ is a collection of twenty-one bright and colorful animated cartoons for infants and toddlers! Watch as these delightful cartoons take shape on the screen; Your child will smile from ear to ear as a basic line drawing develops and transforms into full-color animation in front of their very eyes! Featuring various [...]


Checking_Out 0

SYNOPSIS The legendary Peter Falk (“Columbo”) is irresistible in a life-affirming comedy to die for that also stars Laura San Giacomo (Pretty Woman, TV’s Saving Grace), David Paymer (Bad Teacher, Ocean’s Thirteen) andJudge Reinhold (Beverly Hills Cop 1/2/3). On the eve of his 90th birthday, eccentric, celebrated stage actor Morris Applebaum (Falk) summons his three grown children to his Manhattan apartment for a festive [...]

Checking Out

Blind Turn 0

SYNOPSIS Samantha Holt (Rachel Boston) had the perfect life with a handsome fiancée and a bright future. But an unexpected turn on a dark lonely road puts her on a collision course with Bruce Miller (Jay Dee Walters), a devoted family man who descends into madness when he loses everything he ever cares about. One [...]


Beyond Limits 0

SYNOPSIS At 19,340 feet, Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa is the tallest free-standing mountain in the world and a daunting climb for any person to attempt. Born with Cerebral Palsy, Bonner Paddock, not a mountain climber by his own admission and with only a few months of training under his belt, disregards his Doctor’s advice [...]

Beyond Limits

5,6,7,8 0

Jazz – an elite girls dance company based out of ‘The Pulse Performing Arts Studio’ in Bedford Hills, NY. The film begins as a ‘year-in-the life’ of Nova Jazz, but quickly evolves into an intimate portrayal of five key performers, and the woman who makes it all possible. As Choreographer and owner, Jenn, mother of [...]


Remembering Phil 0

SYNOPSIS When TV writer-producer PHIL WINTERS (Turturro) returns from vacation, it seems as if no one is aware that he’s ever existed. His luggage is lost, he has no mail or voice messages. Things get even worse when he drives to the studio and finds his job non-existent, his assistant gone and his office occupied [...]