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Have a Apple iPad or iPhone or iPod? Download this Free App and watch Movies, Television Shows, Live Events and Music Videos on the Network with your favorite Apple device and as an added bonus you will be able to unlock Flash content everywhere on the web. is a hybrid television network that gives viewers an alternative to traditional cable & satellite delivery. Free to viewer, our high definition network is a true multi-screen television network. gives you the viewer the freedom to watch a program or movie when you want on the device you want. Choose from a variety of channels and programs that are ready to watch on demand or at their normally scheduled time. features include in program search, on screen chat capability, and on demand program selection with pause, fast forward & rewind options all without the need to purchase or rent a DVR. Watch your favorite program in full screen or split screen mode, chat with friends and use the search tool to find shows, or specific content within the network or within a specific channel.

Just for you! has made a deal with Puffin – the fastest web browser available for mobile devices.  Follow these simple steps to install Puffin.   Less than 3 minutes to download and install, and you are ready to go!

Step #1:  Download the Free version of Puffin browser [Click Here]

Step #2:  Once you have completed the Puffin download install return here using the puffin browser and [Click this link] to unlock the Flash Component and begin to enjoy and Flash based websites everywhere.



What’s new in
Puffin 3.0 for iPad and iPhone

  • Download-to-Cloud feature
    (File Size: 100M for Puffin Browser and 10M for Puffin Free)
  • Theater mode for Flash video and game
  • All new Color Theme
  • Brand new user interface
  • Add-ons support

Adobe Flash support over cloud on iPad and iPhone

With CloudMosa’s cloud computing, we can deliver Adobe Flash to your iPad and iPhone, so you can watch videos, play games and browse many rich Flash contents on your devices. Moreover, since iPad and iPhone have different input interface, Puffin Web Browser adds special interfaces to let you use Flash contents easily. Here are the details:

1. Full screen video

For some videos, we provide a full-screen player option. The full-screen player leverages the native video player on your device, and thus provides a much smoother video streaming experience. However, this option is not completely available for some video websites (such as Hulu and other TV channel video sites).

2. Theater mode

After entering theater mode, Puffin Web Browser automatically maximize the size of your Flash content and allow you drag items directly. In normal mode, you need to use a little complicated gesture to drag an item. However, all you need to do is to directly press on the item and drag it in Theater mode.

3. Gamepad

With a virtual gamepad, playing Flash games is easy. Gampad has a cross pad in the left side to represent the arrow keys in a desktop keyboard and provides four customizable keys on iPad or two customizable keys on iPhone.

4. Trackpad

With a virtual trackpad, all mouse operations on Desktop is the same here. You can use it to point accurately, drag items, show items by moving mouse over menus or scroll the mouse wheel in the right hand side of the trackpad.

Say Hello to Puffin

All New Puffin 3.0

Fastest JavaScript Engine for

Puffin Browser, with it’s revolutionary JavaScript engine and cloud computing technology, is faster than the built-in browser by up to 550%. No other browser even comes close to Puffin Browser’s speed.

No other browser even comes close to Puffin Browser’s speed.

The most complete desktop experience

Adobe Flash Support and Full
Web Page Display

People say that mobile devices can’t handle the burden of Flash content and can’t display desktop version websites properly, but we say otherwise. Puffin Browser presents you the remote Flash execution technology that you can watch videos, play games, and tap into an endless sea of Flash content, all by running Flash on cloud.