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Why Advertise with Ogletv?

Ogle TV owns and operates Ogle TV Network but is also an Agent for AskMilton.tv network. AskMilton owns and operates a portfolio of websites, television channels and radio stations which provide content across multiple platforms.  Advertising with Ogle TV allows you to reach your target audience locally, nationally and globally.   With Ogle TV you can purchase Television spots, Radio spots, Sponsor banners, Pay per click banner ads, and Pay per call banners individually on your chosen platform or you can elect to mix and match your ads between all or a portion of the sites and platforms, easily and cost effectively. If you are a media buyer or business looking for cross-media and cross-platform marketing opportunities you have come to the right place. [Click Here] or call +44(0)207 511 3296 .

Ogle TV  = Provides advertisers with a new and exciting way to engage the viewer and provide an interactive experience that bridges the gap between traditional  television viewing and the convenience of watching content on any internet enabled device.  Ogle TV can be viewed via computers, tablets, mobile phones, and internet enabled televisions.  For those without internet enabled television, Ogle TV can be seen by connecting through most game consoles, and the EWorld set top box.

Available Channel Opportunities to advertise on: (Click link to view)

Ogle TV accepts video and display ads, and can mix and match ads across channels and the various AskMilton platforms including AskMilton’s Community which houses an interactive contest platform which can be an excellent cross promotional tool.

AskMilton Ads

For those seeking a web only option the Askmilton.tv and Ogle TV Ad platform serves over 5000 unique websites and is a easy to use portal which is designed for media buyers and advertisers that wish to connect with multiple web publishers in one location.  Ogle TV Ads makes managing one or more online banner ad programs simple and quick.  to get started please contact us.


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