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Support site for AlphaGem (AGEM) stakeholders, promoters, and ecosystem partners. Our aim is to teach about the fundamentals of cryptocurrency, and simultaneously improve your access to skills, tools, and educational information that may help you protect yourself, and your crypto assets in the digital age.Here is a link for a channel totally dedicated to Crypto Click here


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Our aim is to teach about the fundamentals of cryptocurrency and simultaneously improve your access to crypto skills, tools and educational information. In addition to our educational initiative, we support independent filmmakers, videographers, music artists & producers as well as content creators such as short form video, bloggers and podcasters through our partnership with We are pleased to announce that AGEM and have joined forces to create a new form of crypto mining called interactive mining where members can earn AGEM crypto tokens. Interactive mining is open to all members, and AGEM crypto tokens are earned through interacting with other platform channel operators' content by liking, subscribing, commenting, etc. Points are assigned to each interactive mining activity, and are accrued and paid out on a 100 point to 1 AGEM crypto token ratio. Future plans for AGEM include offering select grants to filmmakers, music artists & producers, videographers, and content creators on an annual basis.