How do I earn Alphagem crypto tokens with AskMilton.tv?

You must sign up and become a member. Once you are an active member you will begin to earn points toward Alphagem crypto. Points are awarded when viewers interact with you on the platform, or when you upload videos and interact with other members' content.

I heard you can mine Alphagem crypto tokens on AskMilton.tv. How does that work?

AskMilton.tv offers a new type of mining called interactive mining. Unlike traditional crypto mining, points are awarded to AskMilton.tv members for likes, dislikes, comments, subscriptions, uploads and more. Once you earn at least 100 points you can convert the points into Alphagem crypto tokens.

How many points must I earn to receive 1 Alphagem crypto token?

The conversion rate is 100 points to 1 Alphagem crypto token.

I see that you offer a Pro membership. What do I get at a Pro Member?

Pro members have access to more features and are channel operators. Pro Members get a up to 1GB of storage, featured videos, a verified badge, livestream capability, no ads, access to the AskMilton.tv ad platform, ability to post articles or a blog, and best of all you can earn points towards Alphagem crypto tokens that can be traded on the Ethereum main-net under (Agem).

How do I watch the News livestream channels you advertise on the homepage?

Click on the graphic and the video will start to play.

I noticed that some of your videos are also on YouTube. What is with that?

AskMilton.tv is an authorized YouTube, Twitch, Dailymotion, Vimeo and TikTok affiliate. This affiliation allows channel operators to post videos from those platforms on AskMilton.tv as an approved user.

As a member can I put up any kind of video I want?

Yes and no, Yes you can put up original videos, movies or music videos, live stream your podcast, a news show or other live event, all we ask is that you do not post anything illegal or adult in nature (porn, nudity, etc.). If you do post that type of content, you will be asked to remove it immediately. If you don't comply, it will be removed for you and you will run the risk of losing your channel and your membership as a result. You should also be sure to properly license any content you upload as you are responsible for all music and content licensing and clearances.

How do I find my favorite channel or movie on AskMilton.tv?

At the top of the website page there is a search bar (search for videos). You can type in the channel name, or movie name etc. there.

Is AskMilton.tv available worldwide or only in the USA.

AskMilton.tv is a worldwide internet streaming platform that is available to all countries unless the channel member elects to restrict their films, videos or other content.

Is AskMilton.tv free?

Yes, anyone can watch for free.