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Elon Musk & Vivek OUTRAGED Interviewing Senators

Published on 02/16/24 / In News & Politics

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00:00 Rationale & Defense for Ukraine Funding
01:02 The Reality of Corruption in Ukraine
02:57 The Industrial Base Argument and Accountability
04:22 The Artillery Ammunition Issue
06:03 The Reality of the War in Ukraine
07:38 The Potential Consequences of Regime Change in Russia
08:49 The Deliberate Nature of the Ukraine War Funding
12:10 The Potential for a Third Impeachment of Donald Trump
12:39 The Need for Border Security and Ukraine Funding
13:51 The Consequences of Funding the Ukraine War
18:45 The Intention to Handcuff the Next President
22:19 Understanding the Political Incentives
23:09 The Impact of Public Opinion on Political Decisions
24:45 The Consequences of Misguided Policies
25:21 The Strategy and Challenges in Ukraine
26:29 The Collapse of America's Strategic Capacity
27:07 The Reality of Ukraine's Situation
28:20 The Failure of Previous Funding for Ukraine
29:59 The Impact of War on Ukraine's Demographics
34:17 The Strain on the Defense Industrial Base
36:11 The Need for Congressional Oversight and Accountability
41:34 The Consequences of Prolonging the War
42:18 The Importance of Public Pressure and Free Speech

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Before Tesla, I was a Director of Business Intelligence and Pricing at the largest Pet Food & Supply distributor in the US, Phillips Pet Food & Supplies based out of Easton, PA. My wife and I also owned a small business in Bethlehem, PA between 2016 and 2019.

I have been a shareholder of Tesla since 2012 and currently own Tesla stock.

My thoughts are my own and are not representative of everyone who currently works, or has worked at Tesla.

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