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“He’s Just A Big Fat LIAR!” Donald Trump Guilty | Piers Morgan Debate

Published on 06/03/24 / In News & Politics

Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America, has made history as the first president to become a convicted felon. Found guilty on all 34 counts of falsifying business records in his historic criminal trial in New York, Trump is expected to be sentenced on July 11th, and questions surrounding how this could affect his presidential campaign are now sharply relevant.

Piers Morgan brings journalist Emily Matlis, Young Turks cohost Cenk Uygyr, former Congressman George Santos, podcaster Vincent Oshana, lawyer Michael Van Der Veen and Trump’s former National Security Advisor John Bolton to react to this landmark ruling. Can Trump run for president now? If he wins can he serve from prison? What will his supporters do?

00:00 - Piers Morgan gives his opinion on Trump verdict
04:15 - Could this help Trump get into the White House?
06:20 - Emily Maitlis on the verdict
06:45 - Is this a double standard?
09:30 - Cenk: There are two sets of rules for the powerful and the powerless
10:20 - Who cares about Trump's affair?
11:40 - Bill Clinton’s case vs Trump’s case
13:10 - George Santos responds to Trump case: ‘misdemeanour’
14:30 - Emily and George clash
16:05 - Vincent Oshana on the verdict
17:55 - What was the Trump conviction really about?
19:35 - Maitlis: "Trump is a big fat liar and a loser!"
20:20 - Vincent: I don’t care about this stupid porn star!
21:00 - Frank Luntz talks Trump case
24:50 - Cenk responds to Frank: "Joe Biden is a huge liar"
26:40 - Vincent insults Frank's hair
27:55 - Lawyer Michael Van Der Veen weighs in
34:30 - Is Trump going to get a prison sentence?
36:22 - How does any of this help America?
41:00 - Santos: "This will have a big impact"
42:20 - "People hate Trump because he loves America"
46:30 - Funny online reactions to the verdict
50:00 - John Bolton on the verdict
01:00:30 - Trump raised $40 million last night
01:01:00 - Will Trump win the election?

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