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How He Turned $1k Into $12k/ Month from Microgreens (Local CEO Show Ep. 03 Donny Greens)

Published on 04/10/24 / In Homestead & Agriculture

This is episode 3 of the Local CEO Show, where we find and highlight local entrepreneurs that are doing big things.

In today's episode, we are highlighting a Microgreens business and interviewing @DonnyGreens. Donny Greens has scaled his own Microgreens business to over $150k per year and helped many others do the same.

We get into how to start a Microgreens business, how much time it takes to run one, how much money it can make, and more!

Resources mentioned in the video:

Donny's channel: @DonnyGreens
Learn How To Grow Microgreens: onetrayaway.com?affiliate_id=4120449
Seeds: https://sunflowersuperseeds.com/seeds
Trays (Black): http://shrsl.com/1vc3b

Need help scaling your own local business? ➡️ https://scalelocal.com/

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Charbelk 27 days ago

Great informative video !

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