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Michael Saylor: Bitcoin's 'Gold Rush' Has Started: 2024-2034, Why Smart Money is Buyi

Published on 03/23/24 / In Finance & Trading / Crypto

In this episode of the Coin Stories podcast with Michael Saylor, powered by Bitdeer Technologies Group (NASDAQ: BTDR), we discuss:

- Bitcoin's 'Gold Rush': January 2024-2034
- Why Spot Bitcoin ETFs open a 'world of opportunity and functionality'
- What is the ideal form of government and its role with money?
- Why Bitcoin is like nature: elegant and decentralized
- Should we want governments and corporations in Bitcoin?
- Money vs. Power
- Intelligence: Are you born with it or can anyone develop it?
Bio: Michael Saylor is an American entrepreneur, executive, inventor, author, and philanthropist. He is co-founder and Executive Chairman of MicroStrategy (MSTR), a publicly traded business intelligence firm founded in 1989. Michael is an advocate for the Bitcoin Standard www.hope.com and is the first CEO of a publicly listed company to make a long-term investment in Bitcoin. He founded and serves as the trustee for the Saylor Academy www.saylor.org a non-profit providing free education around the world.

Follow Michael on X https://x.com/saylor
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-- This podcast should not be construed as investment advice --

00:00 Bitcoin Atlantis in Madeira, Portugal
00:27 Success of Spot Bitcoin ETF launch
3:00 Spot Bitcoin ETF vs. S&P 500 Index ETFs
7:54 Bitdeer Technologies Group promo
8:53 What did Jim Bianco say about Bitcoin?
11:45 Bitcoin bear market takeaways
16:26 "Money is toxic"
22:22 What is the role of government and money?
29:19 Bitcoin 2024 promo
29:50 Coinkite Coldcart Wallet promo
30:10 CrowdHealth promo
30:31 The Bitcoin Way promo
31:05 Why does power centralize?
36:30 Can Bitcoin be hoarded?
45:00 Bitcoin as a trust network
54:29 Building businesses on Bitcoin
59:39 Jamie Dimon, Elizabeth Warren
1:02:39 Spreading knowledge globally
1:07:00 Are we born for greatness?

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Producer: Aron Bender https://www.linkedin.com/in/aron-bender/

DISCLAIMER Coin Stories is for entertainment purposes only and does not give financial advice. #crypto #money

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