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The Tragic Murders of Gretchen Anthony & Kerry Woolley | Killers Caught On Camera

Published on 03/08/24 / In TV Shows / TV Series

As COVID-19 hits the United States in March 2020, the family of Gretchen Anthony grows suspicious when they receive concerning texts from Gretchen’s phone that seem out of character and create cause for concern about her whereabouts and safety. Could her estranged ex-husband have anything to do with it?

And in the UK, when Kerry Woolley’s body is discovered, police grow suspicious of her boyfriend, Ian Bennett. When they investigate Kerry’s boyfriend, they are left stunned by the dash camera footage they find on his mother’s car. Is it possible that this mother and son duo could be responsible for this heinous murder?


Killers Caught On Camera is a brand new true-crime series with a voyeuristic twist: video footage from home security cameras, CCTV, and dashcams take center-stage, helping detectives catch perpetrators in moments of criminal intent to acts of pure evil. Family members of victims and law enforcement provide first-hand accounts of how these chilling events unfold while experts like Criminal Psychologist Dr. Julia Shaw dissect the darkest corners of the mind.

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