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The Weaponization of Government, Jan 6 Truth, & MAGA's Missteps | The TRUTH Podcast | S3 E1

Published on 05/03/24 / In News & Politics

Vivek and Darren Beattie discuss some uncomfortable truths about Jan 6, where our MAGA movement may be missing the plot, and the larger weaponization of government.

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The media has systematically lied to you about the war in Iraq, 2008 financial crisis, Russian Collusion hoax that never was, Covid-19 origins, Hunter Biden’s laptop, the truth about January 6th, how our money is being spent in Ukraine, the transgender Nashville shooter memo…the list goes on.
If you want the standard conservative talking points, this podcast isn’t for you. But if you want to go deeper, get to the bottom of what is really going on behind the media smokescreens, explore the intellectual foundations of our America-First movement, and challenge your preconceived notions, then join Vivek Ramaswamy and go beyond the Overton window. Get ready for conversations you won’t find anywhere else.

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“Weaponization of government. We hear that term a lot, it's become popular recently, particularly in conservative media. Weaponization, what does it mean, though?
We say these things, it's worth pausing to define what we actually mean when we say them. To me, this is what weaponization actually means. It means taking a neutral institution, an institution that's supposed to be not partisan in nature, but partisan political forces co-opting that institution to accomplish its own political goals.
That's, I think, the heart of what we mean when we say the weaponization of or by government. There's one type of weaponization that I've been intently focused on on the last few years. That's the weaponization of the private sector.
The two sectors, the two areas of the private sector that we've seen most weaponized by political forces in the government are in the realm of communications and financial services. Let's talk about communications...

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