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Trump's Attorney General Bill Barr | The Vivek Show

Published on 08/27/23 / In News & Politics

In this thought-provoking episode, Vivek Ramaswamy and former US Attorney General Bill Barr discuss controversial ideas in national security, strategies for combating Mexican drug cartels, and the challenges of working with a corrupt government. They also explore the cultural changes within the FBI, the concept of the Great Reset, and the importance of faith and community in sustaining a stable society. As they delve into these critical topics, Vivek and Barr offer unique perspectives on potential solutions and the implications for the US and the world.

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Bill Barr is an accomplished lawyer and statesman, best known for his two separate tenures as the Attorney General of the United States under Presidents George H.W. Bush and Donald Trump. With an extensive career in both the public and private sectors, Barr has built a reputation for his expertise in national security, law enforcement, and constitutional law.


[01:04] - Vivek's proposal to shut down the FBI and create a new federal law enforcement agency.

[05:09] - The confusion between law enforcement and national security powers in the US Constitution.

[08:22] - The immense power of Mexican drug cartels and strategies to combat them.

[11:12] - Potential tactics against cartels, including cyber activity targeting their finances.

[14:02] - AMLO's philosophy of sharing sovereignty with cartels and its impact on Mexico.

[19:30] - The US government's approach to the drug problem across different administrations.

[25:14] - The worsening fentanyl crisis and its impact on the US.

[32:37] - Legal implications of using the military to intervene in the fight against cartels.

[48:59] - Vivek's proposal for reforming the FBI by shutting it down and creating a new agency.

[53:41] - The Great Reset's implications for the dissolution of boundaries between sectors, nations, and institutions.

[59:38] - The importance of faith and community in sustaining a stable society.

[01:05:14] - The state's role in moral education and the promotion of modern "religions".

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