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Why Vertical Farms WORLDWIDE Are FAILING!

Published on 05/31/24 / In Homestead & Agriculture

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Vertical farming, once hailed as the answer to global hunger and sustainable agriculture, saw a massive influx of investment, surpassing 2 billion dollars in 2022. By 2023, the market had skyrocketed to over 5 billion dollars, marking a significant milestone in the journey towards urban food production. So why is this innovative tech FAILING. Join us as we explore the fall of vertical farming and the challenges it faces. Subscribe and hit the notification bell to stay tuned for more insights into the cutting-edge innovations shaping our world!

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00:00 - The Rise and Fall of Vertical Farms
00:51 - The Hype: Billions Invested and Unicorn Startups
02:15 - The Promises of Vertical Farming: High Yields and Sustainability
04:19 - The Reality Check: Why Vertical Farms Are Failing
06:24 - Understanding Vertical Farming Technology
07:45 - The Costly Truth Behind Vertical Farming
08:56 - Vertical Farms Biggest Achilles Heel
12:57 - Challenges and Opportunities

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