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A Biblical Worldview -- What Vivek Ramaswamy Said Was Right

Published on 02/04/24 / In News

In this thought-provoking video, United Church of God President Rick Shabi responds to a comment by former presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy regarding the shift in global dynamics. The discussion revolves around the erosion of personal freedoms, a move towards a centralized decision-making structure by an elite few, and the potential consequences for society.

Drawing parallels to historical periods and referencing biblical prophecies, Rick Shabi expresses concern about a looming global catastrophe, the rise of a powerful government, and the suppression of individual freedoms. The video emphasizes the importance of discerning the truth, warns of potential societal changes, and concludes with a call to repentance and turning towards a biblical worldview for hope in challenging times.

Watch to gain insights into the biblical views on the future and the role of faith in navigating uncertain times.

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