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Edward Snowden On Bitcoin

Published on 03/23/24 / In Finance & Trading / Crypto

Edward Snowden's keynote talk at Bitcoin Amsterdam 2023.

00:00:00 - The Definition of a Hacker
00:03:14 - The World is Ending and We're Playing Games
00:06:44 - The Root of All Minority Power
00:10:06 - Confronting Fundamental Issues in Privacy and Security
00:13:05 - The Necessity of Coin Joins and Unfreedom
00:16:21 - The Influence of Institutions and the Importance of Focus
00:19:19 - The Narrowing Space for Invention and Creation
00:22:36 - Inspiring Talk by Edward Snowden
00:25:32 - The Power of Nostr and Crypto Sovereignty

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