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Raw vs Nitro

Published on 02/27/23 / In Sports

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Reliving The War takes an in-depth look at the WWF vs WCW "Monday Night War" era of pro wrestling. Week by week every episode of Raw and Nitro gets covered (including every match and every promo) to find out which show was really the best.

This week on WCW Nitro the Diamond Dallas Page & Karl Malone alliance gets made official; DDP and Malone will take on Dennis Rodman and Hollywood Hogan at Bash at the Beach 1998. The nWo Wolfpac's Sting issues a challenge to any tag team who wants to step up to Kevin Nash and himself. Kevin Greene also makes an appearance and he challenges The Giant of nWo Hollywood.

The WWF are preparing for their historic 1998 King of the Ring pay per view where Mankind will meet The Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell. Stone Cold Steve Austin is also scheduled to face Kane in the PPV's main event, but Vince McMahon makes some changes to that match on this week's episode of Raw. Elsewhere on the show new WWF superstar Edge makes his debut.

00:00 - Intro
01:08 - DDP promo
02:02 - Disco vs Denton / Kevin Greene Promo
03:57 - Tokyo Magnum vs Yugi Nagata
05:19 - Mr. McMahon & Kane Promo
06:54 - Bret Hart Promo
07:46 - Shamrock vs Henry / Goldberg vs Fuller
10:30 - Wolfpac Promo / X-pac vs Dustin Runnels
13:42 - Lawler & Al Snow Promo / Mero vs Jarrett
16:02 - Alex Wright vs Eddie Guerrero
18:44 - Kane vs Road Dogg / Konnan vs Riggs
22:03 - Stevie Ray vs Steve McMichael
23:48 - Edge's WWF Debut
25:10 - Owen Hart vs Dan Severn
27:09 - Triple H vs The Rock / Hollywood Hogan Promo
30:12 - Bret Hart vs Chris Benoit
33:16 - Mankind vs Billy Gunn
35:11 - Kevin Greene vs Giant / Steve Austin Promo
37:20 - Final Scores / Credits

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